About us

What we do

We provide information and tools to help you plan your journey towards greater financial wellness, and access to products and advice to help you achieve your goals.

We give you the facts you need to help you make better financial choices, and if you’re not sure of the right direction for you, we can put you in touch with a financial adviser for bespoke advice.

With your goals in mind and journey planned out you can use our comparison tables and quote tools to find a financial product that suits you.

We’re here to help you achieve the things in life that matter to you, big or small.

Who we are

We’re a Bristol-based team of experts in finance and technology, committed to helping you make the most out of your money.

We’ve been in operation since January 2011. The company was acquired by Momentum UK in 2014. Momentum UK is owned by MMI holdings, a global financial services brand.

How to get in touch with us

Whether you’re using our website, or interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today.