Buy-to-Let Yield Calculator: Estimate your rental property yields

Buy-to-Let Yield Calculator: Estimate your rental property yields

What are your likely returns on buy-to-let property? This calculator helps you estimate the yield for a buy-to-let investment. Buy-to-let yield means the annual rental income expressed as a percentage of the property value. The reason yield is used is so that you can compare different properties and investment scenarios.

The estimates are based on an interest-only mortgage (not a repayment mortgage), because this is usual for buy-to-let.

About getting a buy-to-let mortgage

If you need a mortgage on the property you'll also have to cover the monthly payments, including during periods when the property might stand empty. Because of this, mortgage lenders typically require the potential rental income to equal at least 125% of monthly mortgage payments (read our guide to getting a buy-to-let mortgage).

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This calculator is for general illustrative purposes only and results may not be accurate in each individual case. We recommend you speak to a professional financial adviser for advice tailored to your circumstances.