Buy-to-Let Yield Calculator: Estimate your rental property yields

Calculate your estimated annual return on a buy-to-let property investment after mortgage interest and before management fees and maintenance costs.

House Price Calculator

Find out how average house prices have changed in the last four decades. Put in your house price and see how its value might have changed.

Income drawdown calculator

Drawdown, also known as income drawdown, can provide you with a way to take an income from your pension fund while it remains invested

Loan Repayments Calculator

Calculate your monthly loan repayments and how much you'll pay overall, based on the interest rate, the loan term and how much you want to borrow.

Mortgage Payments Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payments based on the interest rate, mortgage size & repayment term. See what you'd have to pay if interest rates go up.

Pension Calculator: Estimate your pension pot at retirement

Is your pension growing fast enough to provide the retirement income you want? Calculate how much you can expect in your pension pot when you retire.

Salary Calculator: Work out your 2017 take-home pay after tax

Calculate your monthly take-home pay. Compare tax years: see how much Income Tax & National Insurance you'll pay in 2017/18, and how your tax is spent.

Savings Calculator

Calculate how much you'll earn over time for a given rate of interest on a savings account.

Stamp Duty Calculator: How much will you pay this year?

Calculate how much Stamp Duty Land Tax (or LBTT in Scotland) you'll pay on homes or buy-to-let property. Understand 2016 stamp duty rates and thresholds.