Professional savings management service

Do you know what interest rate you are currently earning on your savings? Are there better rates available? Whether you’re saving up for a one-off purchase, a rainy day, or simply building up a savings pot to dip into later on as the need arises, getting the best possible interest through an arrangement that suits your needs can help you make the most out of every penny.

With a huge range of savings products on the market, managing and monitoring your savings efficiently and getting the best rate for your circumstances – while retaining a level of flexibility and protection that suits you – can be both complex and time consuming.

Using a savings concierge service

Building a savings portfolio that works for you can mean maintaining a fine balance between access in case of emergency, and higher rates that may require a greater commitment. This can mean having a number of savings accounts open at once which can take time to manage.

A savings concierge service, offered by specialist providers, can track, monitor and manage multiple accounts on your behalf, in return for an annual charge which will vary according to the size of your savings portfolio.

A concierge service provider can discuss your savings goals, in order to establish the level of access and flexibility you require when it comes to your savings. A concierge service provider may also fill out application forms on your behalf, so you just provide your approval and signature.

Seeking maximum FSCS protection

A concierge service can also help you achieve maximum protection for your money under the terms of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You can find out more about how the FSCS works by visiting our FSCS page.

Using a savings concierge service to manage your savings for you can take the hassle out of regularly reviewing the market while still helping you keep up with the best rates.

Last updated: 02 June 2015