Financial advice

If you are about to make an important financial decision, it's always wise to seek financial advice.

Speaking to a financial adviser gives you access to expertise that could make all the difference. While we do strive to provide as much helpful information as possible on this website, there is simply no substitute for being able to get a personal recommendation for a financial product that is suitable for you and your goals.

Decisions you can get advice on:

  • Pension advice: what's the best way to invest now to provide an adequate income for your later life?
  • Retirement income planning: will you choose an annuity, drawdown or one of the newer alternatives? How can you find the best annuity deal?
  • Life insurance and protection plans: what kind of protection suits the needs of the people you care about for the premium you are willing to pay?
  • Tax-efficient financial planning: how can you avoid paying unnecessary tax in future?
  • Inheritance Tax: what provisions can you make now to reduce the burden of IHT?
  • Trusts: what assets should you put in a trust and how should it be managed?

Looking for advice?

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