The Great British Budget


The Great British Budget might be over, but little Barnaby, our adorable mascot lives on to tell the tale. You see, it was Barnaby’s blog badge that enabled us to follow all the blog posts written for the campaign. Not only did we surpass our wildest expectations in terms of the amount of professional bloggers who signed up – in excess of 50 – we were also blown away by the volume of handy tips shared throughout the 28 day campaign.

In all honesty, our small team were both completely overwhelmed and utterly amazed. It was our first social campaign. Who would have thought that 4 of the UK's top finance writers would support our cause? But should we be so stunned? The crux of the matter is that we all have things we want to do with our money, and could all do with helpful reminders about how to make the most of it. And perhaps this unified awareness lay hidden somewhere in Barnaby’s secret sauce. Or maybe it was just that charming bow tie? We will never know...

Tools to manage your money

The tools and calculators on can help you with various stages of financial decisions. For example:

Moneyhub app on iPadChecking in on your money should be as simple as checking your texts

Want to have more control over where your money goes each month? We built an online tool that makes it surprisingly easy to monitor your bank accounts, budgets and goals. Visit for details. Track your budget against your actual spending and know exactly what's happening with your finances wherever you are.

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Today is a momentous occasion for Hubby and I. Today we are debt free!

Meet the panel...

Take a moment to meet our lovely panel members, visit their blogs and join their quest to stay within budget…

Spencer Bruford

Father to two amazing children. Cheese lover. Award-winning, PR friendly blogger. Cheese lover. @Britmums editor. Cheese lover. I like penguins. And I love cheese. Not sure I mentioned that. I blog about parenting, Life, divorce and depression, often at the same time over at


Cathy Winston

I'm a 30-something travel-obsessed writer who's never knowingly underpacked. I'm also a new mum to my first baby and trying to work out how to cling on to normal life by my fingernails (don't tell me it's not possible). I've visited more than 55 countries and am stubbornly refusing to let a toddler slow me down, with six overseas trips under her miniature belt in less than 18 months. My blog is about our adventures, including useful paraphernalia, advice and tips. 2014's challenge is how to keep jetting off when I have to buy her her own plane ticket...



Penny runs, the site dedicated to living well on a budget. She loves a bargain, and she also likes a good old-fashioned money saving challenge.


Savvy Annie

Annie runs an award winning blog dedicated to helping people find ways of having the things they love, for less. Having overcome credit debt and overdrafts herself, she is keen on encouraging others to do the same.

Visit Savvy Annie

Jo Middleton

Jo Middleton is a multi-award winning blogger, mum of two girls and co-director of marketing and media training company Inside Scoop. Jo lives in Bristol and loves being part of a community that is so financially aware, it even has its own currency! With a family, freelance writing work and a small business to juggle, Jo needs all the help she can get when it comes to budgeting and finances.


Jade Pirard

Our family may be little but it's perfect. There's Mummy, Daddy and Ted. I started my blog as a bit of fun but when I found out I was pregnant I realised I could help other parents to discover the latest products on the market and share our experiences as first time parents. I live in Northamptonshire with Joe, we're engaged and trying to save for a wedding. I blog about my life, my loves and my slightly silly outlook on the world!

Visit Late For Reality

Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe

Hi, I'm Kirsty and my blog is Hijacked By Twins. I am a stay at home mum to 3 beautiful children, my 9 year old boy and 1 year old boy/girl twins. My life revolves around my family and my kitchen. After my family my next big passion is cooking and baking. I love creating new recipes which I regularly write about. I am always looking for ways to save on our weekly shopping.

Visit Hijacked By Twins

Donna Wishart

29 year old Mum of 2 currently on maternity leave from her day job as a Bank Manager. Loves spending time with her family, blogging and bargain spotting!

Visit Redhead Babyled

Emma Berry

Emma Berry is a Freelance Writer and Blogger. The importance of living a 'frugally fabulous' life came just after the birth of her daughter, Daisy in 2013. In 2014, She will be starting her year off being Frugally Peachy, self-imposing a ban on shopping on the high street, whilst honing and developing her own creativity and love of homemade; to prove that you CAN live the life you want, without the price tag.

Visit Frugally Peachy

Vicky Moorhead

I'm Vicki, in my mid 20s, married and a newbie stay at home mummy to a lovely little girl. I'm also a Mummy Blogger and Handmade craft company owner. We live in Northern Ireland somewhere in its lovely countryside.

Visit EllieBearBabi

Jax Blunt

I'm @liveotherwise - Reader, writer, business owner, reviewer, parent and home educate 4 children, while still making it up each and every day. I have too many words in my head - some of them fall out on my blog. Oh and don't get me started on our web business!


Sabina Green

Stay at home Mummy to 3, stepmum to 1. In my 'spare time' YEAH RIGHT I love crafts, shopping, music and catching up with friends. Family always comes first!

Visit Mummy Matters

Clare Levette

I'm Clare, a blogging mum to my toddler Maddy who's three and Theo who's four-months (aka Moo and Bear). I'm married to a sports-coach and gaming-adorer who thinks it's totally fine to dress the children in Saturday socks on a Thursday. It's not, FYI.

Visit Little Pink Teacup

Amy Tilston

Amy Tilston is an editor and first-time mum. The arrival of her Little Dude in July 2012 brought with it a change of career and her first publication ‘Pregnancy Tales: Journeys into Parenthood' was released in October 2013. Amy has started to blog her way through this juggle of self-employment and keeping her son alive and happy.

Visit Pregnancy Tales

Helen Dickinson

Helen is a 22 year old mother to her 2 year old son Maxwell. She lives in the New Forest with Maxwell and her partner Ben. Helen writes her own blog anf she blogs at Mummy To The Max. She enjoys entering competitions in her spare time and searching the web for bargains. She loves saving money and regularly loves using coupons to cut the costs of her food shopping weekly.

Visit MummyToTheMax

Rebecca Smith

I am a 20 something mum of one. I live with my fiance and 2 year old son and work as a freelance writer. I love to save money although this doesn't always go according to plan and I am always looking for a good deal. I am currently blogging about my moneysaving challenge for this year and love to read about what others do to budget or save money too - sharing ideas can really help.

Visit Rebecca's Blog


Meet Chelsea, a beautiful mother to two children, writer and inspirer of hope as she battles through MS - one honest post at a time.

Visit Chelsea's Blog

Stephanie Mamo

Stephanie Mamo is a freelance writer, poet and blogger at Super Savvy Steph - THE website that transforms lemonade budgets into champagne lifestyles. With the motto "when life throws you lemons, don't be sour about it, make some lemonade, bake a cake and sow some lemon seeds!" She has set about helping people change their attitudes towards money and saving it!

Visit Super Savvy Steph

A thrifty Mrs

Meet El, she's famous and hilarious. Besides her renowned blog that tells a tale of living well without the crazy price tags, she's also a journalist, voice over artist and just darn brilliant. Check her out!

Visit A Thrifty Mrs

Kip Hakes

My name is Kip Hakes, I'm a 32 year old Blogger from Chelmsford, Essex. My blogging subjects include Parenting, Technology, Reviews, Photography, Rants and Raves. I'm the 4th Biggest Daddy Blogger in the UK (Tots 100 - Jan 2014)

Visit Kip Hakes' site

Faye Dicker

Faye Dicker is a freelance broadcaster & voiceover artist, who has presented regional BBC Radio shows over the last 10 years, as well as working in commercial stations. She's a busy voiceover artist, working in her studio from home. After having her daughter, Jemima, in 2012, she began blogging & podcasting as Freelance Bristol Mum - showcasing & supporting talented mums in business.

Visit Faye's site

Emily Swinerd

I'm a 20 something new mum, currently on maternity leave - which means living on a tight budget. I love coming up with recipes, baking, making presents, knitting, exploring new places and days out with my little family. I used to be terrible with money, but sharing money with my husband has helped me to curb my spending and having a baby has given me more incentive to save.

Visit Emily's Blog

Tom Briggs

What a gent! Tom's blog has won several awards and it doesn't take long to realise why. He has amusing children, grows a mastache for Movember and makes a "proper" cup of tea! Now that’s epic!

Visit Tom's site

Skint in the City

Skint in the City has been named one of the UK's top 10 personal finance blogs. Showing how to live a fabulous life on a shoestring budget, and covering topics including style, travel, socialising and managing your finances, Skint in the City helps you to take charge of your cash and get it working for you: even if your bank balance is tighter than your skinny jeans.

Visit Skint in the City

Julia England

I'm Julia, a very busy Mum of 3 boys, one aged 13 & twins aged 6. I work for the NHS by day and run my own Celebration cake business the rest of the time! I write two blogs; Mummy's Blue Eyed Boys & A Wannabe Foodie! I'm always on the lookout for great ways to save a few pennies ... I'm eagle eyed and ready to find that bargain...

Visit A Wannabe Foodie

Miss Thrifty

In the words of The Daily Telegraph: "The award-winning Miss Thrifty has become hugely popular. Her posts tackle all cash problems: beauty, fashion, holidays, weddings, personal finance and food." Miss Thrifty lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and two-year-old son. She describes herself as a woman on a mission: to never pay full price for ANYTHING.

Visit Miss Thrifty

Lisa Conway Hughes

By day Miss Lolly is a financial adviser at a wealth management firm in the City of London. She is a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. In her spare time, Miss Lolly enjoys socialising with her friends, trying out new restaurants, keeping fit and is obsessed with Sudoku. She lives in South West London with her husband and baby boy.

Visit Miss Lolly

Sarah Collins

Ummm, I'm a mum, registered nurse and food blogger. I've been blogging about food, with a particular focus on special diets, inconsistently for years. My aim is to be a more regular blogger, whilst also saving money.

Visit Welsh Girl Eats

Louise Fairweather

Louise is a stay at home Mum. She writes about her life bringing up 3 small boys with the help of a strong coffee each morning.

Visit A Strong Coffee

Rose Wilkinson

I'm Rose, a student blogger living in Yorkshire, I'm always on the look out for a bargain and ways to save money. I'm simply trying to live my champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.


Jennifer Dixon

A penny pinching Mummy of two who loves to find a good deal and blogs at


Jess McGlynn

I'm a 20-something Mummy to Meg (4) and Eli (2), blogger, bookworm, photo taking enthusiast and big time daydreamer. I also love bargain hunting and can often be found dragging my long suffering husband around charity shops and flea markets! A freelance writer by trade, I've been running my own business for six months and have found self-employment to be a big challenge financially.


Colette Burgess

30 something Mum of three under 5 with a penchant for gin, cake, lipstick and heels!

Visit Going On An Adventure

Sara Doucette

Sara Doucette is a 30 something who loves travelling, cats and has an unhealthy obsession with shoes. Fashion bargain hunter par excellence, she is currently on a clothes diet to save money.

Visit Sarah's blog

Joanna Bayford

I'm Joanna, in my 20s and I live in Bedfordshire with my husband Stuart. I enjoy making the most of my money and saving as much as I can.

Visit Joanna's Blog

Hannah Brooker

I'm a 24 year old Stay At Home Mum of 2 and wife of one. Passionate about random acts of kindness, letter writing and baking cupcakes! I blog, bake and visit charity shops (a lot). Blogging and tweeting from Cornwall.

Visit Hannah's Blog

Lesley Harrison

Lesley is one half of the Geeks in Gis - a family of martial artists and gadget lovers. She enjoys sports and travel and blogs about her adventures of doing both on a budget

Visit Geeks in Gis

Aby Moore

Hi I'm Aby, I'm mum to my beautiful 10 month old daughter. We live in Berkshire with my hubby, who is a scientist. I am currently on leave from my job as Events Organiser and so we are becoming adept at saving money. I love photography, crafts and having fun with my family.

Visit Aby's site

Rachel Marshall

Hi! My name's Rachel and I'm a married mum of one. I love all things natural and enjoy writing about easy DIY ideas that are inexpensive yet effective with the bonus of being natural and chemical free! As we are a young family we do not have much disposable income so budgeting, planning and savvy shopping are all necessary.

Visit Rachel's site

Emma Bradshaw

I'm Emma and I blog at Happy Smiley People about fun, family and not spending a fortune! I'm always on the look out for ways to save and love growing my own food, cooking healthy, budget meals and always getting things for the best price possible.

Visit Happy Smiley People

Orli & Hidai Degani

Wife, mum, blogger. Not always in that order. Loves my family, writing, and chocolate. Not always in that order. Blog incessantly and honestly about SEN, Ocular Albinism, Vision Impairment, Gifted kids, my kids, parenting and anything else that crosses my mind. Lives life as an expat in London, and trying to find my way in this modern life.

Visit Orli & Hidai's Site

Leta Elliott

Leta is mummy to three gorgeous girls under four years old, and is always on the look out for a bargain or a money-saving opportunity! She writes a blog called Attachment Mummy about attachment parenting and a whole lot more.

Visit Leta's Site

Katherine Eddington

Hi, I'm Katherine, mum of two girls. I first started budgeting about 9 months ago - I was on maternity leave from work, and realised that I just couldn't justify spending £70-£90 a week on food shopping as well as the other 'extras' we were paying out for. So I've gradually reduced my shopping bill, reduced our extra costs and done my very best to spend less and make our money go further. I'm still learning (aren't we all!) but on my journey so far I've made changes that will stay with me for life.

Visit Katherine's Site

Evette Garside

I'm Evette, I live in Bolton and a mum to 3 children ages 9,6 and 1. I joined as I am looking to save money as seem to be spending too much.

Visit Evette's Site

Luisa Sanders

Luisa Sanders blogs about enjoying family life on a shoestring under the name Bristol Bargainista. She's passionate about enjoying the good life without going into the red and is looking forward to picking up lots of tips during the challenge. Having hit the big 4-0 last year, Luisa is frequently freaked out by her lack of a pension and is hoping that the challenge will help her finally put some money away for the future.

Visit Bristol Bargainista

Michelle Ordever

Cook, Craft, Create, Connect is the name of the game when it comes to The Purple Pumpkin Blog, and Michelle writes about travel, photography, food, crafts, home and family life. She is a keen photographer and loves to document each day in her Project 365:A Photo A Day. She works to fund day trips and holidays abroad. Her savings goal this year is for her 3rd family trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.

Visit Michelle's Site

Penny Nicholson

I am a Mum of two (now grown up) children and have learned over the years to cook on a budget. I decided to share my frugal recipes on the website and also include some contributed by others. It is possible to make easy and tasty meals on a budget - and I try to show you how.

Visit Penny's Site

Gina Caro

I am a freelance writer and blogger at Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies and blog about motherhood, thrift, life and randomness. I'm also one of the editors for Mumsnet Devon.

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