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    About Momentum

    Momentum Global Investment Management was established in the UK in 1998 and focuses on designing, building and managing outcomes-based investment solutions, delivered through multi-asset portfolios and tailored client solutions. The firm is part of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, a large South African insurance and investment business, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

    Our team of investment specialists are empowered to work collaboratively as a team, and with partners, to identify and implement innovative investment ideas based on our wealth of experience. All portfolios are managed on an ongoing basis to ensure customers can meet their financial needs today and for the long term.

    We work closely with our institutional and adviser partners in the UK and Europe, Asia and the Middle East, South America and South Africa in order to manage solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

    As at April 2019 Momentum Global Investment Management managed US$5.5 billion.

    What are the Focus funds?

    The Momentum Focus Funds are a range of outcomes-based funds designed to provide a balance of risk and reward to meet your clients’ varying objectives.

    Who are they for?

    The funds are designed for investors who seek an investment solution with a clear objective and without undue risk. They are ideal for clients who:

    • are looking for an investment solution that has a clear outcome and is benchmark agnostic
    • want a steady return from their investments with a defined level of risk
    • have lifetime goals in the medium to long term that have a required outcome
    • would like exposure to a wide range of assets through one holding.

    Designed to support you and your clients

    The Momentum Focus Funds help you by providing a product which offers:


    • A choice of three funds to best suit client needs and objectives
    • A unique combination of outcomes-based strategies and risk-rating
    • Funds that are designed as a core diversified, risk-rated holding


    • Unconstrained, multi-asset, multi-managed funds managed by a specialist investment team
    • A true ‘whole of market’ proposition


    • A disciplined and repeatable investment process
    • Pro-active and client-centric


    • Ease of access either directly or via platforms
    • High quality service and tailored reporting

    The Focus Funds

    Focus 3 Focus 4 Focus 5
    Investment target UK CPI +3% (net) UK CPI +4% (net) UK CPI +5% (net)
    Volatility objective 4-7% 6-9% 8-11%
    Investment horizon (min) 4 years + 5 years + 6 years +
    Asset exposure Global, multi-asset Global, multi-asset Global, multi-asset
    Currency exposure UK centric UK centric UK centric
    Inception date 5 November 2012 5 November 2012 5 November 2012

    Managed Portfolios


    We have created 6 risk-graded Managed Portfolios and 1 Income Portfolio designed to meet a wide range of risk appetites.

    Stochastic Model

    We provide Strategic Asset Allocation to match risk profiles, using a combination of active and passive funds – taking advantage of active manager alpha in under developed markets and using lower cost passives in more mature markets.

    Risk Reduction

    Our aim is Capital Preservation, we use a cash holding during periods of high market volatility to shield assets, and we aim to be fully invested during periods of lower volatility and growth.

    Tactical Decisiveness

    Our Portfolios are closely monitored by our investment team, ensuring decisive action during periods of market volatility to protect portfolio value. Our Tactical Allocation is not on a set timescale, but is dictated by the macro outlook of the investment team.

    Discretionary Permissions

    When the investment team makes a decision, that data is translated into the holdings in the Portfolios in accordance with our platform partners’ dealing times, and there is no need to contact your client, or gain their permission before making a move. This both increases efficiency in the Portfolios, and decreases your need for extra administration during Tactical Changes.

    Platform Only

    Retail platforms enable you to plan and execute your advice business more efficiently, and they also enable us to electronically manage the portfolios in a very efficient manner. The Adviser Solutions Portfolios were designed for the platform world and are not directly marketed to the public.

    How Adviser Solutions fits into your investment process

    Although we believe that our range of Portfolios provide an excellent spread of risk options, this does not mean that Adviser Solutions will be suitable for every client. A Capital Preservation Strategy using cash positioning requires us to have some or all a client’s portfolio out of the market at some point during the investment cycle. As an example, higher-risk investors who believe that they should be completely invested all of the time may not be suitable for these portfolios, whereas an investor who prefers to take a more cautious route and appreciates constant market monitoring may be suitable.

    The FCA’s direction on Centralised Investment
    Propositions maintains that it is unlikely that one proposition can suit all clients and we believe it is vital for you as the adviser and us as the discretionary manager to ensure clients achieve their expected outcomes.

    Literature Library

    Here are all the documents that you will need for your client meetings in easy-to-download PDFs.


    Fund fact sheets

    Key investor information

    Tactical changes

    Managed Portfolio Fact Sheets

    Income Portfolio Fact Sheets

    Asset Allocation

    Managed and Income Brochure

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