UK green and ethical investments reach £11 Billion

The Momentum UK Team 15 October 2012

Green and ethical funds have seen a £7billion increase in ten years, marking a shift in expectations from independent investors.

UK investors now hold £11billion in Britain's green and ethical funds, up from £4billion ten years ago, according to the Ethical Investment Research Service (EIRIS), the sustainable investment research specialists.

The news comes during National Ethical Investment Week which aims to ensure that consumers are aware of ethical and green alternatives when considering personal investment options.

Heightened awareness of climate change, human rights and fair trade are all cited by Mark Robertson, Head of Communications at EIRIS as factors that may affect choice of investment.

The growth in the ethical investment sector is contrary to the growth seen in many investment opportunities.

Separate Research conducted to mark the beginning of Ethical Investment Week found that 45% of adult savers and investors in the UK want to take green and ethical issues into account when making choices over where to put their money.

Individuals may be seeking investments that not only offer a good return, but also allay fears of potentially irresponsible banking.

Robertson said:

"The credit crunch and on-going financial crisis, plus unethical behaviour at scandal-hit high street banks, is encouraging more people to switch to financial product providers that offer a more ethical, sustainable and long-term approach to finance"

National Ethical Investment Week goes from the 14th to the 20th of October and seeks the opinions of Charities, Churches, Financial Organisations, Faith Groups, NGOS and Community Groups to spread the word about green and ethical investing.