Revealed: the UK's weirdest insurance claims

The Momentum UK Team 24 April 2014

The most unlikely of things can cause damage to your home, from vomiting babies to rogue pigeons. New data from RIAS reveals some of the most bizarre claims.

Insurance provider RIAS has released details of the most weird and wonderful claims they received in the year 2012-13.

Wildlife caused problems for several people. One 71 year old woman from Bath locked a badger in her shed, which then bashed a hole in the wall to escape. After seeing a dog on the television, one unfortunate man’s dog tried to jump into the screen after it, causing some serious damage.

Continuing the animal theme, a man in Preston found that a snail had eaten £78 worth of carpet in his home! The snail wasn’t the only unwanted guest to cause havoc; a pigeon flew down the chimney of a house, before damaging the sofa, ornaments and carpet to the tune of £8,000.

The old saying says you shouldn’t work with animals or children, and it certainly seems to ring true when it comes to technology! A clumsy child spilled a glass of coke on his grandfather’s laptop. An attempt to dry it with a hairdryer melted the keys, causing £239 worth of damage. Another unfortunate grandfather was showing his baby grandson on Skype, when the baby threw up on the laptop - at a cost of £437.

Peter Corfield, Managing Director at RIAS, commented on the findings:

“While we go out of our way to ensure that our homes and gardens are safe and secure, sometimes it’s the most unlikely events that can end up causing real damage. Not all claims are straightforward and sometimes we do see some bizarre scenarios. Babies and animals are often the culprits!”

It wasn’t just babies and children doing the damage though; one man’s glasses were blown off his face by a gust of wind, before immediately being run over by a car, causing £469 worth of damage.