Our top 10 piggy-banks

The Momentum UK Team 23 January 2014

The pig has, in small ceramic form, come to be the iconic animal of money management.

A staple in popular culture, the beloved piggy-bank pops up everywhere from Toy Story, in the form of wise-talking Hamm, to The Price is Right.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere for your child to store their pocket money, or just want to save your change to spend on something more substantial, a piggy-bank can be a great solution to the problem of storing small amounts of change in one place. Remember though that for larger amounts a piggy bank won’t earn you any interest, and consequently inflation could eat away at the real value of your cash!

Rather than being named after piglets themselves, these fun saving containers are apparently named after ‘pygg’, the material they were made from in the Middle Ages. Over time these ‘still banks’ eventually took their material name literally and began to be made shaped like actual piggies. Traditionally you had to smash open the money container to remove the cash, but these days, it’s more common to be able to remove the cash without ‘breaking the bank’.

In recent years, this childhood classic has evolved, and you can now buy everything from pug-shaped piggy-banks to ones you can paint yourself!

We reveal some of our favourites:

  The traditional little pig   Pigs are the prime fodder of fairytales, and here’s an example of a beautiful, ordinary little piggy-bank. Whether pink, or polka dot, a ceramic little pot-bellied moneybox can store change while also doubling as a pretty decoration. This pink, polka-dot little piggy didn’t go to market, he went to Tesco...

You can see this little pig on their website here. 

  Colourful piggy bank   Who doesn't love green? The preferred colour of eco-activists and avid recyclers, green is also sometimes considered soothing. In a distinctive shade of fluoro-green, this little ‘radioactive’ piglet is eye-catching as well as unusual. Whether you’re saving up for a holiday or a new car, this little guy could help inspire you to save, one coin at a time.

You can see this green saver on the John Lewis website here.

  The puggy-bank   With their adorable eyes and folds of skin, pugs have come to represent a facet of the hipster generation. It might be a little twee, but a pug-”piggy” is an adorable variation on the traditional moneybox. Especially as the original ‘pygg’ material is thought to have been pronounced ‘pug’! This beaut of a puglet, with his kitsch little neck scarf, could help you save more change than ever.

You can see this puggy-bank on Amazon here. 

  Georg Jensen Moneyphant   This cute little silver elephant shaped moneybox is the perfect compromise between cute and chic. Need a pal for the office? A mascot for the living room? Moneyphant’s your gal. Stylish, modern and completely gorgeous, this little 'ellie' will keep your change safe from unruly predators that dare come near your change pot. The only downside is the price tag.

You can read more about the Georg Jensen Moneyphant here.

  Something a bit different   This russian doll moneybox is something a little different. With a crafty feel, this piece is sold by Debenhams and made by At Home with Ashley Thomas. Also known as matryoshka dolls, these distinctive dolls are known for being of varying sizes and fitting inside each other.

You can buy the At Home with Ashley Thomas Russian Doll Moneybox here.

  Paint your own piggy   The Find Me A Gift piggy is a really good ‘un. A plain ceramic piggy complete with paints for you to decorate it, this pig is both a craft project and a life-long savings friend. Who wouldn’t want to paint this adorable little fella then feed him with some coins every now and then?

If you want to paint your own piggy, then take a look here. 

  Coin brain bank


If you’re thinking about saving, then this could be just the thing you need. Not for everything, this awesome moneybox gets cerebral about savings, helping make sure that you engage your brain before you spend...

Got money on the brain? Check out this moneybox here. 

  House of Dorchester Toffees in a MoneyBox


We’ve just launched our campaign The Great British Budget, and this proudly British moneybox, that also happens to come with some yummy toffees, is just the thing we need for the office to make sure that we all chip in for tea biscuits. Cheap and cheerful, this little box is fun, frivolous, and a great place to keep your spare pennies. What more could you want from a piggy-bank?

See this lovely moneybox here. 

  Money Savvy pig


A pig with four chambers reading: “save”, “spend”, “donate” and “invest”, this savvy guy represents the height of money management piggy-banks. More than just a piggy-bank, this Money Savvy pig is more like a manifestation of financial planning. We’re tipping our hats to the peeps at Money Savvy that came up with the concept. 

You can read more about the Money Savvy pig here.

  The pretty homeware item   Although they’re no longer in production, these lovely chalk piggy-banks could house your change, while also acting as beautiful home furnishings in their own right. Write whatever you’re saving for on their lovely blackboard surface.

You can see more pics of this piggy bank here.    

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