No Ban on Insurance Age Discrimination

The Momentum UK Team 24 June 2011

The Government has said that it will not introduce a ban on age discrimination by insurers when underwriting policies. However, the European Court of Justice may force the coalition's hand, following its gender judgement earlier this year.

Jonathan Rees, director general of the Government Equalities Office, has said that at least in the short term there will be no ban introduced, bringing relief to insurers.

However back in March this year, the ECJ ruled that insurance policies that discriminated by gender were unlawful, causing upset and turmoil in the industry, with analysts fearing that it will mean more expensive insurance premiums across a range of products for most customers.

Rees went on to say: "There is not an age or a disability directive, but only treaty and case law, so this ruling on gender will not lead to an automatic read-across to age and there will be no immediate impact here."

"However, we are not saying 'do not worry at all', but it is not an immediate concern."

So despite short term assurances, the future is less than clear.