Homeowners unsure if valuable gardens have insurance cover

The Momentum UK Team 29 April 2013

Homeowners have spent an average of £894 on furniture and decorations for their garden in the last 12 months, yet 44% do not know whether or not their home insurance covers garden contents.

According to a report by Lloyds TSB, UK gardens are worth on average almost £2000, yet many homeowners are failing to ensure that they have adequate insurance to provide cover in case of theft.

Since 2008 there has been a 17% increase in thefts from gardens, with 1.4 million such thefts recorded just last year.

The report said that most commonly stolen items include bicycles, garden tools and even plants.

Tim Downes from Lloyds TSB Insurance, said:

"While many are now prioritising their outside spaces, it is a false economy to invest in luxury garden items without ensuring they are covered.

“As our gardens grow increasingly expensive, homeowners are realising that they no longer own just a few pounds worth of petunias, but hundreds of pounds worth of leisure items. Garden-proud homeowners should check their insurance policies to ensure their beloved outdoor luxuries are properly protected."

While 14% of those surveyed said that they were put off from spending on outdoor spaces for fear of theft, 43% said that they had no secure lock on their garden, potentially making it easier for thieves to take advantage. Downes said:

"When it comes to protecting our properties, homeowners must remember that what is on the outside also counts and that taking some small steps could help prevent having to fork out to replace garden goods should the worst happen."

Many, but certainly not all, home insurance policies will provide some level of cover for garden contents although this should not be assumed and a home insurance policy may only provide cover up to a certain amount according to the policy in question. Specialist garden insurance is also available and may be necessary for more expensive garden contents.