Barnaby's Budgeting Tips: Day 24

The Momentum UK Team 24 February 2014

Happy Monday! There are just 5 days of the Great British Budget challenge to go - how have you done? This week Barnaby is bringing you tips to help you stay in the budgeting habit well after the end of the challenge. If you love finding bargains online, today's tip could help you.

Barnaby says:

"Many of us now shop online for anything from clothes to holidays. Although it's possible to find good bargains online, there could be even more savings if you know where to look. Voucher codes can help you to save money on everything from groceries to luxury goods and meals out. If you're short on time, websites like collect voucher codes for you - so all you have to do is find the code and enter it when you shop. But remember to check when the code expires!"

Do you use voucher codes? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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