Barnaby's Budgeting Tips: Day 23

The Momentum UK Team 23 February 2014

Happy Sunday!

Why not take some time this afternoon to go through your utility bills - you could be paying too much! Today's tip from Barnaby is about water charges you may not have to pay...

Barnaby says:

"Are you paying too much for water? As well as the water you use, bills can also include a charge for the treatment of water that runs off your property (rain) and into the sewers. This is known as a "run-off charge" and not everyone needs to pay it. If the drainpipes that carry water off your roof aren't connected to the sewerage system then you may be able to apply for a rebate of between £17 and £50 a year. You'll probably have to fill in a form and the water company may want to visit your home, but if you can prove that no water runs from your roof into the sewerage system, then you won't have to pay the charge."

Have you challenged run-off charges? What are your tips for reducing the cost of you water bill? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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