Barnaby's Budgeting Tips: Day 21

The Momentum UK Team 21 February 2014

It's three weeks down, one to go in our Great British Budget challenge! Have you managed to stay on budget so far? Barnaby is still looking for ways to help you save money, and today's tip is about boosting your savings with no extra effort.

Barnaby says:

"Could your savings be working harder for you? If you're a UK taxpayer, interest earned on your savings will be subject to income tax - unless you use your annual ISA allowance. An ISA works just like a traditional savings account, except that the interest you earn is protected from tax up to a set limit for each tax year. For the 2013/14 tax year you can save up to £5,760 tax free - make sure you use your allowance for this year before the 6th of April or you'll lose it!"

Do you contribute to an ISA? What are your other tips to make saving feel easier? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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