Barnaby's budgeting tips: Day 2

The Momentum UK Team 2 February 2014

Welcome to day two of our budgeting challenge!

"Time is money", is a well-known and often quoted phrase by Benjamin Franklin, but we'd like to flip the phrase and use it as the basis for today's budget tip: Make time for your money. Taking a little time now to get your money in order could help you save in the long run.

Budget tips: Day 2

Barnaby says:

"Setting some time aside (why not today?) to create a money monitoring system that is as hassle free as possible could make it simpler and less time-consuming to keep on top of your budgets, goals and bank balances. This could be an effective way of preventing yourself from overspending on things you didn't intend to buy, or to save where you can!

We've built a budgeting tool (Money Hub) that does this for you, but even if you use a spreadsheet - the most important thing could be that you prioritise the time to do it."

How are you getting on with setting your budgets? Is it something you've done already, or are planning to do today? Let fellow budgeters know how you're doing and share your budgeting tips!

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