Barnaby's Budgeting Tips: Day 18

The Momentum UK Team 18 February 2014

Our resident budgeting expert, Barnaby Budget, has been hunting down ways to help you save money for over two weeks! If you're often paying for prescriptions, here's one you may not have heard of.

Barnaby says:

"The NHS prescription charge is pretty good value at £7.85 per item, but if a medical issue means you need a lot of prescriptions, the cost can really add up. If you usually need more than 1 prescribed medicine a month, you can cut the cost with a Prescription Prepayment Certificate. A 12 month PPC costs £104, which is a saving of over £80 a year if you need two or more medicines per month. There's also a 3 month version which costs £29.10. You can find more information and purchase a PPC on the NHS website"

Have you used a Prescription Payment Certificate? Have you got any tips for cutting down the cost of over the counter medicines for colds and flu? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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