6 steps to beat Fail Friday

The Momentum UK Team 23 January 2014

Already having trouble sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? You’re not alone: a survey has found that the date by which most of us will have broken our resolutions is Friday 24th January - otherwise known as Fail Friday. It was also estimated that only 3% of us will keep our resolutions for the entire year. Here at YourWealth we’re replacing goals with resolutions this year, so here are our 6 Steps that could help you beat Fail Friday and stay on track all year:


Step 1: Check your progress regularly

There’s little chance you’ll achieve your goal if you don’t keep track of how you’re doing. Set yourself a reminder in your phone or online calendar - or even a simple sticky note - and check your progress regularly. Depending on your goal, this could be every two weeks, every month or whenever suits you best.

Step 2: Correct yourself if you go wrong

Knowing how you’re doing is only half the battle. If you do one of your regular progress reviews and find that you’re slightly off-target, acting quickly to get back on track can help to ensure that you don’t lose momentum!

Step 3: Don’t give up

If you find yourself falling at the first hurdle it can be all too easy to just give up. Instead of abandoning your goals as soon as you go off track, try to learn from your mistakes and try again next month - now you know what can go wrong, you will know how if there’s anything you can do to stop it from happening again.

Step 4: Remember what you’re trying to achieve

Staying motivated can be difficult, especially if your goal is a long term one without instant results. Help yourself to keep your eyes on the prize; find some images that represent your goal and stick them up around your house, make that dream holiday beach your screensaver, create a Pinterest board for your goals. Do whatever works to keep you focused on the outcome, rather than the sacrifices you may be making now.

Step 5: Consider letting technology help you

You may be able to make things easier for yourself by letting technology do some of the work - if you’re trying to save some money each month, why not set up a direct debit into your savings account? Though you should keep close track of any direct debits to ensure that the account that they’re coming out of doesn’t go overdrawn.

You can also make use of online calendars to keep yourself organised and even budgeting tools such as Money Hub to help you stay up to date with what you’re spending and where.

Step 6: Accept that it won’t be easy

Too often, we expect to achieve the things we want without making any big changes to our lifestyle. You don’t have to sacrifice everything you enjoy, but you should be aware that meeting goals can sometimes require changes here and there!

So let’s all show Fail Friday who’s boss - where will you be next year?