1 in 6 workers have a second job to make ends meet

The Momentum UK Team 03 February 2014

Six million Brits, or 1 in 6 workers, have taken a second job in order to make ends meet, according to new research carried out for Magnetix Wellness.

Millions of British workers are taking second jobs because they don’t earn enough from their primary employment. The research, released today, revealed that this is one of the many ways people are looking to boost their income to make up a shortfall they are experiencing due to an increase in cost of living. Many people are selling items on eBay and at car boot sales, with others taking cleaning jobs alongside their main occupation.

The research also showed that the little things really can make a difference; the average amount needed to make up the shortfall in income was just £131 a month.

It would appear that there is a stigma associated with working two jobs at once, with 1 in 7 of those who have an extra job keeping it a secret from their friends and family. The biggest reason for keeping extra income secret was fear of judgement, with 1 in 5 saying that “on the outside” they give the impression that they are doing well, whilst actually having serious money worries. A third of respondents said that they had to cover up money worries from family and friends.

Dr Petra Doring, of Magnetix Wellness, commented on the findings:

“The results show just how many people are having a tough time financially and the options they have been exploring as a way of boosting income.

“With so many exploring different ways of bringing in a bit more each month, the desire to find something that offers flexibility and that can fit in with an already hectic routine is key.

“Many mums in particular are increasingly looking to regain their financial independence and re-establish themselves professionally while contributing to the household income.”