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About us

Momentum UK was created to facilitate the enhancement of the lifetime financial wellness of people, their communities and their businesses.

We do this through our various businesses that focus on providing clients with the tools, education and solutions to enable their financial wellness journey.

The areas that we specialise in are;

  • Design and implementation of investment solutions
  • Personal finance management
  • Financial tools, information & education
  • Digital solutions
  • Digital marketing services
  • Investment consulting

Since first arriving in the UK in 1998, our business has grown organically and more recently through acquisitions. It is our ambition to continue this growth in order to be considered the preferred partner for financial wellness in our key consumer and corporate markets.

MMI Holdings Group

Momentum UK (MMI Holdings UK) is part of the MMI Holdings Group. Momentum UK’s parent company, MMI Holdings Limited (MMI), is a South African based financial services group listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. As at 31 December 2014 MMI Holdings Limited:

  • employs more than 17,900 people
  • manages assets of USD 49.3 billion
  • is well known for its product innovation, outstanding service delivery, and commitment to independent professional financial advice
  • has a market capitalisation of circa USD 4.1 billion

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What is Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is the extent to which your assets, debt, future income, and current financial solutions can provide for your financial needs over your lifetime in order to suit your lifestyle. Financial Wellness is therefore the ability to cope financially with shocks to your assets and income, either through insurance or your own means. It is not only knowing what you need to be financially well, but also the diligence in tracking and re-evaluating your life goals and financial solutions. Engaging in your Financial Wellness plan to achieve these goals will enable long-term Financial Wellness.